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Poisoning food or alcohol on vacation: what to do?

The season of picnics and vacations began, and with it the risk of food poisoning increased. In the heat, food spoils much faster, and if, in addition, you have not roasted meat for shashlik or poorly washed vegetables, then the long-awaited outdoor recreation can result in vomiting, diarrhea (diarrhea), etc.
What to do when food poisoning
If after eating food, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, then urgently need medical assistance. Especially if, in addition to these symptoms, the body temperature rose above 38 degrees, and chills began: such signs indicate a serious intestinal infection. But if you are away from the medical facility, you will have to act independently until the ambulance arrives or you can contact the specialists.
If there is no vomiting, then it can be caused: this can prevent the absorption of dangerous food. If a person is already vomiting, then he should be given a drink of clean water to wash the stomach.
Going to nature, bring along a first aid kit with adsorbents – activated carbon, etc., mineral water (preferably without gas), so that the poisoned man drank and avoided dehydration, rehydration preparations – powders that are diluted with water and used to restore water electrolyte balance with vomiting and diarrhea. Also have on hand spasmolytics and painkillers, antipyretic drugs and enzymes to improve the digestion of food, if someone in the company pereest, and will feel heaviness in the stomach.
How to remove alcohol intoxication
Often resting in nature, people get not only food, but also alcohol poisoning. In case of alcohol poisoning, it is also necessary to act as in food: to induce vomiting, if it is not there, and rinse the stomach well with the victim, if vomiting has already begun. In case of alcohol poisoning, you should also drink more liquid in order to avoid dehydration and rather remove toxins from the body, take adsorbents. When vomiting has stopped, you can drink strong black tea.
If you have already returned home, the person has become better, then a decoction of rosehips, orange juice, which will compensate for the deficiency of vitamin C, which is destroyed by the action of alcohol, will help to restore your strength. Finding a person who has been poisoned by alcohol in the open air will help saturate the brain with oxygen and improve the condition.
Observe food and alcohol moderation when going on a picnic.
If you have returned after a rest, and the condition has improved, then you should not take fried, fatty heavy food, much less alcohol, the next day. The body needs rest, diet – light boiled or stewed food, low-fat chicken broth. Raw vegetables, fatty dairy products can increase pain in the inflamed stomach and intestines and again lead to diarrhea. If after poisoning with food or alcohol there is diarrhea more than 10 times, then seeking medical help should not be postponed.
Try to be moderate in eating and drinking alcohol, do not try to eat weight kebab – you have all summer ahead to re-nature recreation and picnics. Wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly, fry meat well, take soap and water for washing hands and do not forget to wash hands for children. Hide the already prepared food in the shade, cover with towels, if there is a cooler bag, be sure to use it outdoors. Give up mayonnaise salads, they quickly deteriorate. When drinking alcohol, be moderate, it is better not to drink strong drinks – especially in the heat and in the open sun. Do not forget to drink more liquid, better a glass of water after a portion of alcohol, this will help you to “get drunk” less.

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